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Photography by Tom and Lisa Cuchara 

Thank you for your interest in our photography workshops. Our groups are small (usually around 6-12 participants and usually with two instructors). This makes it easier for you to get the photographic composition that you want and also allows for more personal attention during workshops and classes.

Our workshops are typically designed for photographers at all levels. We encourage you to ask us questions and we have lots of patience to explain things a few times so that you understand it. You are attending a "Photography with TLC" event (TLC = Tom and Lisa Cuchara), and the TLC is more than just our monogram, it exemplifies the patience and care given during our learning interactions. Please note that for select location photo tours a basic knowledge about your camera exposure (changing ISO, changing aperture, changing shutter speed) and/or HDR could be useful, we will note this in the description of those particular photo tours.

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We typically keep our photo tours small (4-10 people total) in order to make sure that everyone can compose their images without other photographers in the scene and to make sure that we can offer individual compositional advice. We have FUN on all of our photo tours!

Hope to see you (and shoot with you) soon,

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Please note:
  • You do not need a PalPal account, you can pay by credit card without creating a PayPal account. 
  • Your Paypal receipt is your payment confirmation
  • You are not signed up until payment has been received (sorry we cannot hold spaces). 
  • All sales are final. No refunds (except in case of workshop cancellation). Someone else can attend in your place if you are unable to attend, but admission will not be refunded nor can it be transferred to another event. 
  • In the unlikely event that a workshop date has to be moved to a different date due to circumstances beyond our control (inclement weather, venue changes) a full credit towards another event will be provided if attendee is unable to make the alternate date.  
  • Most of our events will have two leaders, both Tom and myself, although some small classes may have just one leader. 
  • If the workshop that you are interested in is sold out please email us to be added to a waitlist, to be notified if an opening occurs, or be notified about an upcoming workshop. 
  • Textures Workshop 
  • Learn texture post-processing
  • flower setups and photograph textures
  • Photo Hi-Jinx (photo setup) Workshop
  • Macro Workshops at various locations
  • Night photography 
  • at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery 
  • at Woodlawn Cemetery
  • at Gillette Castle
  • at Pennhurst Asylum
  • Cape Cod
  • Rhode Island
  • Adirondacks
  • at Longwood Gardens
  • at Trolley Museum
  • at local parks, beaches and piers
  • HDR (and Macro) at Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum (with tripods)
  • Morovian Tile Factory (with tripods)
  • HDR  (with tripods) at Grand Central Terminal
  • HDR and Architecture inside at Gillette Castle (with tripods)
  • HDR and Architecture at the various theaters (Warner, Palace, Bushnell, Landsdowne Theater,Victory, Sterling Opera House, etc.)
  • Models and Architecture at the Morovian Tile Factor
  • Models and Architecture at Grand Central Terminal
  • HDR and Light Painting at Carrie Steel Furnace 
  • HDR at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum 
  • HDR and Macro at the Waterside Woolen Mill 
  • HDR and Macro at Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum (NJ)
  • This Farmstead museum is chock full of things: kitchen, a general store, farm equipment, a barber shop, dentist and doctor paraphernalia, you name it. It has all of the details for macro and is perfect for HDR. We will meet at 9am and we have the entire place to ourselves, with tripods, for six and a half hours (previous sessions were only 3.5 hours). You are not registered for this event until we receive your payment. We will have the entire place to ourselves (no public), with tripods!
  • Photograph at the old Catskill Game Farm 
  • Catskill Game Farm was a zoo in Catskill, New York, U.S.A.. It closed permanently on Columbus Day 2006 after 73 years of operation. The Game Farm is still closed today." but we will be able to walk the grounds, go into the cages, walk into the Giraffe house, the Rhino house, Kodak film selling yellow stores, see the mini-golf - great place for a photo shoot, a snapshot into the past of this historic landmark. 
  • Classes on using your Camera, Exposure, Manual, HDR photography, etc.
  • Lens Calibration Microadjustment: Frustrated with slightly out of focus images? purchase a Focus Pyramid and come to our workshop, you can learn how to calibrate your lens  
  • HDR, HDR capture, and how to set up your camera to take HDR images
  • HDR processing 
  • ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) post processing 
  • Layers and Masks
  • Get a new headshot 
  • Posing
  • Taking better family photographs
  • Taking better Holiday photographs
  • Night Holiday Lights Hubbard Park CT
  • Classes on post-processing (emphasis on layers and masks) 
  • Classes on post-processing using plugins in Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Classes on post-processing using Lightroom (emphasis on the Library & Develop modules)
  • Project Nights -- come and work on a HDR or other photography project. We all have lots of images in our computer, these project nights are designed to get your photographs processed and for you to learn a particular post-processing skill you want to learn.
Q: Are non-photographer spouses/significant others allowed to attend your photo tours/classes/workshops.

A: Non-photographing spouses/significant others may be allowed at a reduced price at some locations depending upon the site rules and space/size limitations. Everyone attending will need to sign our waiver (and possibly an event waiver too) in order to participate. Email us

Q: What skill level do I have to be at in order to attend one of your Photo Classes, Photo Tours and/or Photo Workshops?

A: We welcome all skill levels. We are patient and well versed at explaining photography concepts. Photo classes are taught at all levels, from brand new beginner to advanced, please email us ( if you have questions about a particular class, workshop or tour and the skill level of that event. Photo workshops are great for people just beginning and for those more experienced and everyone in between. You can read more about the difference between photo classes, photo tours, and photo workshops below. Our photo tours are for photographers who are looking to experience new places, build friendships with similarly passionate people, and develop your technical and creative photographic techniques. Photo tours are geared more towards those that are comfortable with changing their ISO, shutter speed and ISO. Photo tours are more about the location than learning new techniques per se. If you are a beginner and interested in an on location photo tour we can arrange a private instruction ahead of time (to get you comfortable with changing your ISO, shutter speed, and aperture).

Q: Some of your workshops are at night. I am new to night photography should I still attend? 

A: Yes! Knowledge of night photography techniques is NOT required for our night workshops, you need a tripod, a cable release and a basic knowledge of you to change your ISO, shutter speed, and aperture (night photography workshops are a wonderful learning experience, we can get you comfortable with long exposures and focusing in the dark quickly, but they are not a "Photo 101" class. Because of  the nature of long exposures night photography workshops are perfect for learning and for getting to know your fellow photographers. We are usually working as a group for these great night shoots (although we may break up into pairs later on depending upon the location).

Q: What is the difference between a Photo Class, a Photo Tour and a Photo Workshop?

Photo Classes. Photo Classes are typically held in our studio or in an alternate indoors location. They are hands on, and/or instructional, aimed at learning about a specific topic: cameras, lenses, exposure, Flash, exposure compensation, high dynamic range, Histograms, Long Exposure, Light Painting, Lens Filters, Photoshop Filters, Lightroom, Textures,  extension tubes, Photoshop, Layers and Masks, Plugins, Slideshows, etc. Most students bring a laptop to the post-processing classes, although some people come without one, taking notes and watching another participant. Almost all of our classes are team taught by both Tom and I. We generally keep our photo classes small (6-12 people with two instructors) in order to provide individual attention to everyone.  Sometimes, however, our photo classes may be offered to a larger audience. The distinction of photo class size will always be detailed in our descriptions of each offered photo class. 

Photo Workshops. Workshops are more instruction based than a tour. They are usually in the field shooting, although they may be combined with post-processing and/or photo critiques. We usually keep our workshops small (6-12 people total) to provide individual attention to everyone. Workshops are filled with creativity and passion and learning. We want our enthusiasm to be contagious and for you to learn techniques that you will bring home and practice. Our role during a workshop will be to help you find and create great images, and to help you see and compose and expose in the field. We typically set aside time at the beginning of every workshop for one-on-one instruction and assistance.

Tom and I will occasionally shoot during a photo workshop in order to demonstrate a technique, angle, exposure, solve a problem, etc. Sometimes we will shoot at the end of a workshop, making images for ourselves, but your learning is of primary importance so we are always available for advice and to answer questions. During a workshop we will also learn from each other by sharing images, settings and chimping. Whenever possible we also offer a photo critique session. The photo critique session allows everyone to see images taken during the day, and allows us to offer constructive advice and supportive suggestions. Our photo workshops are jam packed with creativity, fun and learning.

Photo Tours. Photo Tours are more about the location; about getting access to public venues, getting access to abandoned buildings, getting access to empty theaters or buildings, receiving permission to use tripods where they are not routinely allowed, and absolutely about being there at the right time. When we create photo tours we take care of the logistics and all of the little details for you, this way you can focus on creating wonderful images. We can provide compositional and location guidance to make the most of your time. We want to get you into great locations at the right time to create unique and awesome photographs. Please note that, while instruction is a large part of a photo class or photo workshop, it is not in a photo tour. You can always ask us questions, but basic knowledge of camera exposure (how to change your ISO, aperture and shutter speed) is assumed for a photo tour. Our photo tours tours are for photographers who are looking to experience new places, build friendships with similarly passionate people, and develop your technical and creative photographic techniques. 

In order to get the most out of a photo tour we expect that you have an basic understanding of your camera. If you are not sure if you are prepared for one of our photo tours email us and we can help you assess your skills. Sometimes we have photo classes before a photo tour to make sure that everyone is up to speed, for example, for some of our HDR photo tours we offer an in studio hands on class to make sure that your camera is set up to best capture the full dynamic range of a scene. We have also had a one-on-one instruction before a photo tour to assist participants in setting up their camera, learning best exposure practices, etc. 

Please email us ( if you have questions about gear and/or skill level needed for any of our events.

As our excursions will be guided tours, generally, the tour leader will be shooting along side the participants. Having our gear in the field, allows us to demonstrate different techniques, as well as lets us show instant results. However, our goal is to ensure that each participant has a great experience and returns home with images that they can be proud of, so if you have any questions, we will be there for you.

Tom and I do shoot during photo tours, usually starting after we make sure that everyone is set with the location and scene. You can shoot right along side of us. By shooting with you we can assess the lighting/exposure situation and offer advice, demonstrate different techniques for capturing the scene and for creating creative exposures, show you the back of our camera ("chimping" is great!). We offer unlimited advice regarding composition and help you to capture the best images that you can. We are available to answer questions, look at your histogram, or help solve a problem, but mainly we are there to provide access and compositional suggestions. Sometimes we bring props or lights and set up scenes too. We will share with you what we see, how we are assessing a scene and provide insight into getting a good composition. 

Q: Is Transportation provided for Photo Classes, Photo Tours and/or Photo Workshops?

A: No. Very Rarely. Unless the workshop description specifically states that transportation is provided it is not. Participants are encouraged to carpool and we try to let participants know about other participants when they sign up.

Q: Is Lodging provided for Photo Classes, Photo Tours and/or Photo Workshops?
    A: No. Lodging is not included.

    Q: Can I share my photographs from a workshop with other people who attended the workshop?

    A: Yes, you can post your images on the Meetup Site and on our Facebook page. You can see what other people have created at a location, you can ask for feedback, etc. 

    Q: Do you offer photo critique sessions on your photo tours? 

    A: It depends. We value photo critique sessions for many reasons. They can be very informative, instructional and inspirational. When time allows we do hold photo critique sessions, but for shorter photo tours find that most people prefer to spend their time shooting at the location. You can always send us 5 or so images after the vent for our opinion on the composition, and/or post-processing. 

    Q: Do you offer one-on-one photo classes/workshops

    A: Yes! Many people feel that they learn best in a one-on-one environment, especially when it comes to post-processing, but also when investigating a new location or learning a new technique. We also offer one-on-one workshops, click here for more information. If you have a particular location that you would like to shoot at send us an email, especially if you have a lead or know how to get permission.

    Q: Some of the abandoned locations look interesting, can I go there by myself? Are these places dangerous? Are we trespassing?

    A: Some of these abandoned locations can be dangerous, you do have to have common sense and you do have to sign a liability waiver. For some locations a respirator would be recommended. No, we do not trespass. We obtain permission ahead of time. We do not always list an exact address if the owner request us not to. Thievery, vandalism, violence, arson, etc. can be a problem for these locations Finding properties and obtaining permission is very time consuming and sometimes we ask that participants not reveal a location because the owner has requested us not to.  Allowing photographers into sites is a legal liability for the property owner and can be an imposition on property owner's time/resources. Your workshop fees help the property owner pay for maintenance and restoration of the site.  

    Q: What happens in bad weather?

    A: Safety is always first so ice and lightening could have an impact on a Photo Class/Tour/Workshop, but in general our workshops are rain or shine. Some of the best photographs happen during inclement weather. We suggest that participants bring two 99 cent rain ponchos, one for themselves and one for their camera (a child sized rain poncho does well to protect the camera, you can reach the left and right sides via the arms, you can place a rubberband around the body of the rain poncho and the camera lens and the hood works well over the LCD. 

    Q: What is your refund/cancellation policy. 

    A: All sales are final. No refunds (except in case of workshop cancellation). Someone else can attend in your place if you are unable to attend, but admission will not be refunded nor can it be transferred to another event. 

    In the unlikely event that a workshop date has to be moved to a different date due to circumstances beyond our control (inclement weather, venue changes) a full credit towards another event will be provided if an attendee is unable to make the alternate date.  

    Lisa and Tom